Walsh provides engineering services for all aspects of oil and gas operations in the San Juan Basin.

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The Walsh Engineering team can provide individual or packaged engineering project management services. From permitting to production, we have the experience to manage all phases of the drilling, completion, and workover process. From single well projects to complex multi-lateral wellbores using state of the art completion techniques, our team can provide the planning, engineering, and supervision for all stages of your project.

Understanding the economics of any capital project is particularly crucial in the oil and gas industry with its ever-changing commodity price environment. Our engineering team can provide full economic analysis for new drilling and completion projects as well as workovers and facility upgrades to determine the cost effectiveness and potential payouts. The engineering team has extensive experience in evaluating and identifying production problems using historical production data which helps identify both cost and production optimization opportunities. When it comes to acquisitions or divestitures, our team has years of experience in generating fair market valuations for individual wells, entire leases or companies.

We pride ourselves in being a ‘full service’ provider for new well construction. We are experienced with all aspects of the well permitting process on private, federal, state and tribal lands in the Four Corners area to make sure the project complies with the continually changing regulatory landscape. The engineering team will prepare the well design along with the required drilling plans, well bore schematics, and AFE’s to make sure the well is drilled safely and economically to meet your goals.

Our team can design and implement completion and workover programs utilizing tried and true methods as well as the latest stimulation and completion techniques to ensure production is maximized while costs are optimized. We can provide flowback and production testing reports which will aid in evaluating the economic success of the project plus help in optimizing the facility designs. We provide experienced engineers and well site supervisors to perform all phases of the completion or workover operations.

We design, construct, and install all the necessary surface facilities required to maximize production safely and efficiently. Our vast experience in this area has allowed us to develop a process that ultimately lowers the overall production costs to the operator. We also have a long history of designing and building saltwater disposal facilities with the same design concepts that we apply to our production facilities. Our entire team consists of experienced well site and construction foreman that can ensure smooth operations while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance during the construction and installation process.

While it is the goal to avoid the plugging and abandonment of individual wells until all oil and gas reserves have been economically recovered, eventually, a decision must be made to plug and abandon the well. Our expertise with this step and our long-term relationship with the local regulatory agencies will ensure that the well will be plugged and abandoned in the most cost-effective manner while making sure all of the regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

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