With more than 50 years of comprehensive land experience, Walsh personnel can perform the full range of land functions for properties and projects in the San Juan Basin. From basic title research to lease/asset acquisition and administration to negotiation and drafting/preparation of complex asset agreements, Walsh is uniquely qualified to fulfill your land needs.

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Walsh personnel have performed title searches in all the counties and Tribal/BIA/BLM offices located in the San Juan Basin (New Mexico and Colorado). Given the lengthy history of development in the basin, the ownership of oil and gas mineral interests and associated leasehold has become increasingly complex. Walsh title services include review of all pertinent property records by legal description/location, as well as confirmation of interests for specific owners of mineral, royalty or overriding royalty interests.

The Walsh administrative team manages an integrated database consisting of leases, wells, rights-of-way, operating agreements and other land contracts for multiple clients. The interface between the Walsh land group and the Walsh accounting group ensures comprehensive tracking and oversight of client assets.

Walsh has assembled multiple blocks of leasehold for exploration and development projects. Because of Walsh’s extensive background in drilling, completions, production and field operations, the Walsh land and operations teams are able to work together to accelerate the evaluation and development of a project concept, as always with an eye toward maintaining capital efficiency and discipline.

Walsh has negotiated and closed a significant number of both asset acquisitions and divestments for its clientele. The Walsh land team has extensive experience in drafting all the documentation necessary not only to memorialize such agreements, but also ensure that the county, state, federal and Tribal records properly reflect such trades between parties. The Walsh land, regulatory and accounting teams work closely to ensure that all process requirements of state, federal and Tribal agencies are fully compliant.

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