With over 35 combined years of experience in production and revenue accounting, our team ensures client needs are met efficiently and accurately.

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The Walsh team specializes in production accounting, which entails filing all required production reports to the Federal Government, as well as the states of New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Our accountants have experience filing Federal OGOR, New Mexico C-115, Utah Form 10 & 11, and Colorado Form 7 production reports. We monitor the latest reporting requirements to ensure clients are filing accurately and in a timely manner.

With over 35 years of combined experience providing revenue accounting services in the San Juan Basin, covering New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, the Walsh team has the knowledge to ensure clients remain in compliance and generate accurate reports. We regularly complete State Tax, State Royalty, Federal Royalty, Indian Tax, Indian Royalty, and Major Portion services for clients.

The Walsh accounting team is experienced in executing Joint Interest Billing in the San Juan Basin. We manage our client’s joint owner information with care, ensuring that relevant information is up to date.

The Walsh team strives to have open, clear communication with our client’s partners. We are proud to collaborate with joint owners and work to maintain a solid, lasting relationship. Ensuring accurate and timely information ensures all parties remain united.

To Learn more about our services, email us at: accounting@walsheng.net.