Optimum Compression Solutions provides low cost compression designed for low pressure and low volume well production.

In a shifting San Juan Basin environment burdened with low gas commodity prices over the past 8 years and 24,000 producing wells making 100 mcf/d or less, the founders recognized an opportunity and worked together to create a low cost compression unit that could extend the economic viability of the wells.

The units were created with an unconventional but simple design that utilizes plug and play components. This allows for an extremely low build out price and with the simple design the ongoing maintenance expenses are also extremely low. Selling compression units directly to the customer creates lowered monthly expenses while improving well economics.

Optimum’s vision is to transform the economics of low volume natural gas wells in the San Juan Basin and beyond. Their compression units will improve economics, defer plugging or extended shut in periods, and conserve natural resources. Optimum’s compression units were designed to be the “last compressor the well will ever need”.

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