Walsh is the premier contract lease operating company in the San Juan Basin, providing production services for all aspects of oil and gas operations, with both supervised lease operations and contract pumping services available.

We provide lease operations for nearly 1000 wells in the San Juan Basin for various clients. We are responsible for the production of wells from all types of formations.

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Walsh Engineering currently employs over 40 employees responsible for production of wells from all types of formations commonly found in the San Juan Basin. Our team members currently provide lease operations for nearly 1400 wells in the Four Corners area for various clients, producing on average over 23 MMCFD and 500 BOPD.

Our lease operators are specifically trained to operate and maintain all different types of production equipment including multi-phase separation, dehydration units, reciprocating and rotary compression, plunger lift, beam pumps, jet pumps, PAGL & GAPL systems and saltwater disposal facilities. The average field experience of our lease operators is 18+ years, and the extensive knowledge of different types of production equipment and methods of artificial lift helps to provide creative and precise feedback to engineering staff to maximize the production from each well and identify timely workover operations.

The Walsh Engineering production team is also well trained in all aspects of field safety in the oil and gas industry.

In a maturing basin such as the San Juan, understanding artificial lift systems is critical to optimizing production. The Walsh team has years of experience implementing and operating everything from traditional beam pumping units and electrical submersible pumps to the latest in gas lift plunger assist systems. We can assist in designing and selecting the best systems to maximize production while minimizing downtime and lost production.

The Walsh team provides engineering designed compression applications to help clients plan for future changes in gathering system line pressure fluctuations. We assist in utilizing compression for gas lift and recirculation systems. We offer many ways to apply compression that will extend the well producing life and remain compliant with regulatory production minimums. This helps clients avoid costly temporary abandonment regulatory procedures or plug and abandonment.

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