We have extensive experience and knowledge in site remediation, environmental permitting and planning, and regulatory reporting. Our team ensures our clients meet Federal, State, Tribal and municipalities requirements.

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The Walsh team is experienced with site remediation, assessment, and investigation projects. We are accomplished at evaluating projects at all stages. We provide the appropriate steps to ensure the necessary Federal, State, Tribal, and Municipalities compliance requirements are met. Services in this area include spill response and remediation.

The Walsh team is experienced with permitting and planning projects, in conjunction with necessary Federal, State, Tribal and Municipalities to ensure compliance requirements are met. Services in this area include:

  • Environmental Permitting and Planning
  • Applications for Permit to Drill (APDs)
  • Salt Water Disposal (SWD)
  • Below Grade Tank Registrations and Removal
  • Surface Waste Management

The Walsh team provides regulatory reporting in all aspects of oil and gas permitting and reporting requirements with Federal, State, Tribal, and Municipalities. Services in this area include:

  • Well record and completion reporting and submittal
  • Filing and submittal of all Federal and State Regulatory Forms
  • C-141’s Release Notifications, Sitting Criteria Determination and Final Closures
  • C-102’s
  • C-103’s
  • Bradenhead Testing and Reporting Requirements
  • Site Facility Diagrams
  • Gas Capture Plans
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